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What is a Skip Page

A skip page is a page that the optimisation tool allows you to go straight to. Simply said, it’s a page where you may finish all other website duties and start using the product right away.

Reason For Showing Skip Page

Below are the justifications for the skip page’s display, which should satisfy you and help you fully comprehend its function.

To Maintain Server Load

Since Cookape’s optimisation tools are utilised all over the world, occasionally the website may crash and nobody will be able to use our optimisation tools to fix the issue.

The skip page has been configured such that all visitors transit via this tunnel, reducing the load on the website. This keeps the website from crashing and makes it operate very smoothly.

To Avoid Bouncing Of Orders

Since the quantity is so great when numerous orders come to us directly, some orders get lost and never make it to us.

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In order to solve this issue, skip pages are displayed, which increases order processing time and reduces order volume. Similar to this, if traffic drops, no orders will be missed and they will all reach us correctly.

To Keep Record Of All The Orders

The lack of a single page on our website to retain a record of every order is the second reason a skip page is displayed. To keep track of each and every order, we maintained a skip page.

To Generate Token Automatically

I assume everyone is aware that token is compatible with all other optimisation tools. Do you realise that Techyhit also utilises tokens?

Yes, however the token is automatically produced when the skip page is displayed; users do not need to manually obtain a token, thus you may claim that the skip page is solely displayed for the benefit of users.

To Generate Some Revenue

You already know that most of the tools on Pro Vip Tricks are free to use, but in order to support all of those tools and the wages of our team, we’ve preserved a skip page where some adverts are displayed, allowing us to earn a small revenue for Pro Vip Tricks ‘s upkeep.

Where is the Skip Page shown?

Except for certain locations on the website, the skip page is displayed below. In all other locations, it is not displayed.

  • While Using Free Optimization Tool
  • While Generating Token Automatically by the system.
  • When You Login or Logout your account.
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