New Love Quotes in English – Love Quotes


An age has passed by wanting you,

You are as ignorant today as yesterday.

New Love Quotes

Ana tells Ilteja what to do,

What is that love which is met by requests?

Wanted to be with someone then happened again and again,

If you want, have gone beyond the limits of desires,

We did not ask anything from God but Him,

If asked, he has gone beyond the limits of sobs

Love Quotes For Girlfriend

If you want to know something special, then love and watch,

Take someone off your eyes and look,

They will hurt, tears will come to you,

If you want to know this feeling, then lose heart and see.

New Love Quotes

Neither was revealed to you nor the statement was made to us,

Just the love that remained entangled in the resolved eyes

People asked for something new every day from God.

We are the only ones who have not gone beyond your thoughts

Secrets are often revealed with delicate gestures,
How silent is the tongue of love.

If there was no relationship, why would he be upset?

This indifference gives the address of his love

I feel that he is more than me,

I need him more than myself.

Heart can’t handle

Do not burn with the heat of love

Love is tempting, you have come

Don’t make excuses for the times

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