How to Download HD Movie From Pikashow

In this current era, we all watch a lot of video content, such as movies and web series, on our smartphones. Right now there are many streaming platforms available in the market which demand a nominal fee for membership, such as hotstar, Netflix and prime video etc.

Friends, if you want movies and web series for free entertainment in one place, then you should download Pikashow app. It provides all the latest video streaming content from all platforms, including movies, web series, live TV, IPL, TV shows and more

How to Download HD Movie From Pikashow
How to Download HD Movie From Pikashow

Picasso is an app that allows you to enjoy a variety of entertainment. You can watch TV Shows, Live Cricket Matches, Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies,… You can watch one of your favorite TV shows at any point in time.

You can watch live matches, drama, comedy and cricket etc. on sports channels. Picasso app is a must download if you watch a lot of movies.

What is Pikashow App

PikaShow is a great Android application that has all the entertainment content available in a single app. Picasso gives you access to the latest movies, web series, live television, and much more.

Here you will get to see all the latest web series. It provides free live streaming of almost all major television channels.

Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video all offer videos including premium content from OOT platforms like Picasso for free on their platforms. You do not need to pay any amount.

Picasso delivers all the content from these OTT platforms at the earliest on a regular basis. All videos and movies on Picasso are in High Definition. PikaShow offers a host of features, including instant downloads, up-to-date content, and no monthly fees.

How to download Pikashow App?

You will not find it on Playstore to download Pikashow App to watch live matches, this is due to Google’s policy, so you have to download this app from Google Playstore. Below we will describe how to download Pikashow V72 Apk.

On your mobile device, open chrome browser and type “Pikashow Download” in Google.
You can select the website “Https://Pikashow.App/” from the list of search results
Once you reach the official website of Pikashow App, scroll down a bit and you will see “Download APK (V72)”. Click on it.
After waiting for 5 seconds you will see the option “Pikashow Apk Download (V72)”. By clicking on it, you will be able to download Pikashow App Latest Version.

How to Install Pikashow App

When you download an app from Playstore, it automatically installs on your phone without you having to do anything. The same app which you have downloaded from Google, you can download it yourself from any Playstore. Installing the Hua app is an easy process.

The app can be downloaded and installed from Playstore in one click; However, installing any app downloaded from Google can be a bit difficult for some of us. Let us learn how to install the Picasso app.

1 – When you click on the three dots in the top right corner after the Chrome browser is launched and go to Downloads, the Pixshow app will be downloaded successfully.
2 – Now you can click on the downloaded Pikashow App file.
3 – Next, you will be presented with two options, Cancel and Install, and you have to select Install.
4 – After completing this step, Pikashow App will be completely installed on your smartphone.

>How to use Pikashow Apk

  • To use Pikashow ApK, first of all you have to open it
  • After it is downloaded in your mobile, you will see it in your mobile application section.
  • You have to click on it, after clicking it will ask you for some important mission and will allow you to do the mission.
  • After that all the shows of TV shows and entertainment will appear here in front of you.
  • Along with that, here you will also see the movies which you want to use, now you want to click on it above.
  • Along with this, when you click on it, TV shows will appear in different categories, now you have to click on the show of the category you want to watch.
  • After that the movie or drama will start playing in front of you.

How to Download HD Movies From

When you use the Picasso Mobile app, you can also download videos through the Picasso app.

Hence whatever entertainment or TV shows are shown here. You can save all of them and keep them in your mobile and in future you can enjoy them even without internet, so here we are going to tell you the complete information about how to save them in your mobile.

Before you can download the content, you need to download Pikashow Apk on your Android phone. Next, download and install 1DM Downloader app from Google Play Store.

Now you have to open Pikashow App and open the video or movie which you want to download. Both streaming and downloading will be available to you.

After selecting Download, your video will begin downloading through 1DM Downloader.


What are the Pikashow Mobile App Features?

There are many types of features in this mobile application, it is useful for your entertainment. Here you will find many types of TV shows and movies, Hollywood Bollywood, as well as here you will find news TV channels etc. for entertainment, which you can enjoy here.

This application is divided into some categories, in which you get to see many types of entertainment serials, whose information is given below.

1- Bollywood : –

You can enjoy all the Bollywood TV shows and Bollywood movies through its Bollywood category. Where you will get to enjoy all the entertainment of Bollywood easily, you have to click on this category and you will get information about all the movies here.

Hollywood :-

You can enjoy all the Hollywood TV shows and Hollywood movies through its Hollywood category, where you will get to enjoy all the entertainment of Hollywood easily, you have to click on this category and you will get all the movies here. Information will be available.

3- Live TV :-

There are a lot of TV channels in this section and most of them are used for sports like IPL and World Cup. Here you can watch free live cricket from Star Sports channel.

4-Series :-

As we tell you here, you will get to see many types of series on this application, which you can enjoy from here, you just have to go to the category and you will see all the series here.

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